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Many people have questions about
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  • Locating property lines
    Most fence contractors will stipulate in your contract that it is the
    property owners responsibility to identify the property lines.
  • Underground utilities
    Always call to have the underground utilities located before you start
    digging holes. The service is free in most municipalities. To have
    underground utilities located anywhere in the state of California call 1-
  • Saving Money on your fence purchase
    Most contractors will give quantity discounts. Therefore, the first thing
    you can do is increase the quantity of fence. That does not mean put
    up more fence around your property. Rather, talk with your neighbors or
    anyone you know in your neighborhood that may need a fence, group
    together, and then approach a contractor. This is by far the most
    effective strategy for lowering the price tag and it will save you a
    significant amount of money on your fence purchase.
  • Building permits
    You may or may not need a building permit to build your fence
    depending on the municipality in which you live. Some communities
    have restrictions on the size and type of fence that you may put up on
    your property. To find out if there are any restrictive covenants or
    caveats registered against your property you can contact the
    community association or city in which you live.
  • Neighbors
    If you are going to build a fence, it is almost always a good idea to tell
    your neighbor of your intentions while still in the planning stages. Your
    discussion may result in your neighbor agreeing to share the cost of
    the fence, and it may very likely prevent hard feelings or even a
    dispute down the road.
  • Underground sprinkler lines
    Unlike underground utilities, there is nothing that can be done to
    locate underground sprinkler lines aside from physically digging for
    them. As a result sprinkler lines will be damaged on occasion. The good
    news is that, once damaged, the lines are usually very easy to fix with
    parts from your local hardware store. If you have an idea where the
    sprinkler lines run, inform your fence contractor and ask them to take
    precautions when digging. However, as stated earlier, there is not
    much that can be done and most fence contractors will have a clause in
    the contract that states that you, the property owner, will be
    responsible for any underground sprinkler line damage.
  • Is it true that a chain link fence devalues a property more  
    than wood
    Just to clarify, adding a fence to your property adds value whether it is
    wood or chain link. As far a chain link adding less value than wood,
    that idea is completely unfounded. We install wood, chain link,
    ornamental and vinyl fences, and more and more people are putting up
    maintenance-free fences (chain link, ornamental or vinyl) because they
    don't want to have to mess around with the fence for the rest of their
  • Should I put the fence in before or after the sod or other
    If you are landscaping your yard there is a specific time, in relation to
    all of the other landscaping activities, that you should install the fence
    to avoid many potential problems.  The same principles apply to
    landscaping your yard that apply to the construction of your house.  
    Would you install the carpeting before the drywall?  The best time to
    put in the fence in is after the finished grade is done, but before the
    sprinkler system, brick work, or planting have been done.  Sod should
    be the last item to go in.
  • Can fences be installed in the winter
    The short answer is yes
  • Choosing a fence contractor
    It all comes down to trust. You should try to answer the two following
    questions regarding each prospective fence contractor before you shop
    for prices:

    Can they do the job? If you are not sure, ask to see jobs they have
    previously done that are similar to yours. It is important to ask for
    similar jobs because quite often the larger companies will have their
    most experienced crews working on commercial or industrial projects
    and reserve the least experienced crews for residential jobs.

    Will they look after my interests? This question is harder to answer if
    you have not worked with the contractor previously. The best sources
    for this information are previous customers. You can find previous
    customers by asking the fence contractor for referrals. Or you can look
    for the contractor's signs on fences. Most of the larger companies will
    place their logo or a sign on a fence they build. When you find a sign,
    knock on the property owner's door and ask them about their
    experience with the fence contractor.
  • What are the cost differences between fence types
Fence Type
Initial Cost
Maint. 10 yrs
over 10 yrs
Chain Link
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